We Serve A Variety Of Industries And Incredible Clients.

PLC helps businesses grow their brand as we have the:

  • Expert Experience,
  • Latest Technology & Innovation, and
  • Superb Customer Service

to do that regardless of the size of your business.

Our process is what makes us uniquely able to solve your biggest marketing challenges.

Rajiv Rai,

President of PLC

Our clients rave about what we offer.

”PLC has been our printing partner for over 7 years now. The attention to detail, personal hands on customer service and timely delivery service are just some of the reason why PLC is the only print company we need or will ever use."

Axel Sang
Marketing Director, SFBSC Management LLC

"I am happy to say that I have worked with PLC for quite a long time. When I give PLC an assignment I am absolutely assured that the results will exceed my expectations. Very few suppliers are as dependable or as effortless to work with. PLC is a great and a consummate professional organization. I would recommend PLC without hesitation. Great results. Excellent prices. No drama."

Robert Goldberg
President at StartupFactory

"I can always count on PLC to produce pretty much any type of marketing material I need from event signage, flags, and banners to the smallest product labels. Everything is always of good quality and reasonable in price. PLC has become my go to and he “dragged” along to every project or company I am working for."

Sunday Perez
Marketing & Creative Consultant


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