For Cannabis Grower, PLC’s Print’s Industry Experience & Value Matter.

As Harvest Pacific Farms entered the cannabis retail space, Richard initiated a search for a packaging vendor. He found lots of options and many high-priced options, but few who understood the packaging needs of the business – such as child-resistant bottles. With PLC Print, he didn’t just find a vendor, he found someone who knows the business and a partner he can trust.

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A Strong Network Of Partners

PLC Print’s very strong network of domestic and overseas partners proved to be a great value-add as Rajiv and Richard worked together to find the best consumer packaging products for Harvest Pacific Farm’s needs and ensure dependable and timely production and delivery.

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Value = Price + Service

For Richard, competitive pricing was a top vendor search criterion but pricing alone does not make a loyal customer – service is crucial too. PLC Print provided a quick turnaround to both answer questions and deliver products. And when things go awry, as they often do in the production process, PLC Print has been quick to resolve issues and get things back on track. At PLC Print, our cannabis industry reputation speaks for itself. We’re a partner, not a supplier. Just ask our loyal customers like Richard.

“As the cannabis industry continues to mature, trusted partners like Rajiv will be critical to our success. Unlike vendors who don’t take our industry seriously and attempt to price gouge, Rajiv knows the nuances of the business and offers true value. He’s on speed dial for all of my printing and production needs.”



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