Working Together to Solve a COVID-19 Cannabis Retail Sales Dilemma: Echsen Industries & PLC Print

As one of the first cannabis growers to secure a distribution license in California Echsen Industries was building a highly in-demand premium retail brand for their FARM2LAB products. That is until COVID-19 hit and sniffing in the retail environment was banned. The customer’s selection process changed overnight, reverting to sight over smell to make product choices. That’s when creative director David Kazmierski partnered with PLC Print to enhance the visual of the FARM2LAB with packaging that distinctly stands apart on the retail shelf.Here are some of the ways PLC Print is contributing to Echsen Industries’ retail sales success in response to the COVID-19 crisis:

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Distinguished and Highly Differentiated Packaging

PLC Print’s extensive experience as a cannabis supply chain packaging supplier was a definite advantage. Not only did PLC Print produce high quality embossed customized packaging that was stunningly beautiful and unique, but they also produced it to meet regulatory standards without sacrificing visual appeal.

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Emergency Stop-Gap Supply Partner

COVID-19 did not just disrupt the way customers made their product selection, it disrupted the production process and delayed delivery of Echsen Industries’ custom jars by several weeks. Rajiv and his team were quick to accommodate the emergency situation, stepping up to keep and the FARM2LAB products on the retail shelf by providing an inventory supply of interim jars.

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Relationship and Price Matter

As is his typical protocol before selecting a packaging supplier David put the project out to bid to multiple suppliers. In the end, he selected PLC Print. Ask him why and he’ll tell you two factors that informed his decision: Relationship and price.

“Rajiv Rai and his team showed me the importance of customer relations and being able to rely on a partner who can get the job done. When COVID-19 hit, sniffing was banned in retail stores and we turned to enhance the visual impact of our packaging to make our products stand out on retail shelves. Not only did Rajiv help us produce beautiful, unique, and highly differentiated hand-dipped frosted jars with custom lids, but he was also the stop-gap jar supplier who kept us in business when COVID-19 slowed down the packaging production process.”



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