PLC helps businesses grow their brand utilizing a suite of creative marketing capabilities.

All of our services include one not listed as a separate line item — our marketing expertise. There’s a good possibility you’ll need two or more of these services working in harmony with each other. Another advantage we provide is one-stop-shopping so all of your printed materials are created with plan and purpose to make you more successful.


For our customers that have seen our digital printing equipment, or even just the digitally printed materials, one of the most common reactions is awe. The printing capabilities of our HP Indigo presses are awe inspiring to say the least. It is truly the finest reproduction quality in the industry and that’s why we use it.

Just because you need short-run printed materials with quick turnaround time does not mean you need to settle for a less professional appearance. Even with our experienced eye for printing, we’d have a hard time distinguishing between the digital print and traditional offset, especially since you can add extras like finishing and coating.

Obviously, large format printing means you can have any size you need no matter how large, but other considerations include the purpose, whether or not it needs to be weatherproof, lighting, viewing distance, and so on. This is also where our innovation is particularly helpful. We’ll help you plan for all the variables and create an effective solution for your objectives.

To call the possibilities endless would be an understatement. Just the mounting methods, let alone material choices, can be mind-boggling. We’ll help you sort through all that. Yes, that also means we’re your single source for the hardware required whether it’s a trade show booth, retail environment, the side of a building, or anything else you need to challenge us with.

When you do contact us about your large format printing, it is seldom a stand-alone service. Depending on what you need the large print for, you may need branded merchandise, custom printed bags, packaging, etc. These are all services we provide, plus our marketing expertise to help you with the master plan to make your campaign more effective

Traditional offset printing has been around a long time but the modern advances to make it better and more efficient have not. Today’s technology reduces setup costs, increases productivity, and improves quality control. We’re even able to provide advanced proof so there are no surprises once your printed materials are delivered.

What this all means to you is we’ll make your whole process seem deceptively easy. Don’t worry, we really are working hard but the smooth sailing on your end it could make you wonder about that. Even all those tough decisions like the design, material stock, and finishes will seem easy when paired with our expert advice.

If you’re wondering what all types of offset printing we provide, that’s it—all types. Books, catalogs, stationery, posters, advertising, you name it. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll advise you on the best way to make it happen, whether it’s offset printing or some other method.

Once you’ve extended your creative energy into researching and developing your product, you are armed with the essentials needed to bring it to market, you just need an experienced package designer/producer to translate your extensive effort into a presentation worthy of your accomplishment. We utilize your hard-earned knowledge of the process you just endured, collaborate with you to lend our skill, and package your product to attract the sales needed for success.

It doesn’t matter whether your product is boxed, bagged, labeled, shrink wrapped, or any combination of packaging techniques, there are no limits to our creative solutions. We can be involved in every aspect of design, production, promotion, and distribution regardless of your supply chain and fulfillment channels.

The packaging design and creation of your product is an exciting phase. It means you are extremely close to bringing your new product to market. Contact us so our marketing and packaging expertise can keep this process moving forward with your vision clearly defined, understood and represented.

There’s no shortage of places to buy custom printed or embroidered apparel. The problem arises when you want to step out beyond the ordinary. Most of these places only have a low wage “production artist” which requires you to be the expert with a plan and professional design. That’s not a criticism of screen printers, it’s just the reality of their competitive market.

It’s also why we’re different and set up to help you surpass the ordinary. We realize you require more than just spending money on custom apparel. It needs to put money back in your coffers, not serve as another expense. Planning, purpose and effective design is the best way to attain this goal.

When you want to achieve more with your custom apparel, that’s a good reason to contact us. Since your custom apparel is only one piece of a much larger puzzle, you’ll be glad to know that this “big picture” service provider is crafting this piece with a much larger perspective on your overall strategy.

Branded merchandise is also known as promotional products. These are proven to increase sales and brand awareness, the problem comes in their implementation. Properly implemented, they work beautifully. Just given out, they serve only as a token with no measurable return to prove anything other than their cost to give them out.

There are well over 100,000 promotional products for you to choose from. The sheer magnitude of these choices is one thing, matching them to an effective promotion with all your variables is even more daunting. You need an advocate with in-depth knowledge of the industry, creativity, and the tools to create the best match on your side.

You get to continue being the expert at your business. Contact us to be the experts at matching your needs for branded merchandise to your objectives. Then you can experience the increased sales and brand awareness that promotional products have proven to provide.

With a custom “web-to-print” portal, you and authorized personnel have easy access to manage your company print collateral—any time, from anywhere in the world. Quickly receive business cards for a new staff member, restock depleted letterhead and other company literature and marketing materials, and more.

This helps you manage your brand consistency and costs while streamlining the ordering process and inventory control.

Simply contact us to discuss your needs and the task of managing your printed materials will be greatly simplified. We may not be able to simplify every aspect of managing your business but we can certainly make this one easier.

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