Bellwether Coffee: With PLC Print, They’ve Found a ‘Priceless’ Partner to Help Them Grow

As a tech start-up tech operating out of a garage in Berkeley, CA, Kimberly and her team were creating everything from scratch – including brochures and promotional items. The ‘a friend of a friend’ approach to finding vendors to work with was getting too fragmented. She needed a vendor that Bellwether Coffee could scale with as the company came out of stealth mode, raised capital, and grew. Looking to support local businesses, she found Rajiv and his team next door to Bellwether Coffee’s makeshift headquarters. And, as she says, she’s never letting go.Here are just 3 examples of why the power of a great marketing partnership matters:

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Saved the Company

As a tech company emerging from stealth mode, Bellwether’s big tradeshow debut in April of 2018 was a huge deal. But it was on the brink of failure. Rajiv and his team stepped in, turning around an incredibly complicated brochure literally overnight. According to Kimberly, the production quality was perfect, and Rajiv didn’t just save the day – he saved the company. The brochure created lots of buzzes and the tradeshow was a great success.

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Helped Raise Series B Capital and Win Incredible Customers

Who says that brochures and promotional items don’t drive sales? Certainly not Kimberly. She’d tell you that the work Rajiv and his team do is priceless, citing the amazing video brochure that helped to raise funding and generate new enterprise sales and the very cool tape measure giveaway that has been an instrumental part of the marketing and sales process.

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Yes Ma’am, We Can Do It

If you ask Kimberly, she’ll tell you that if you can think of it, Rajiv and his team will do it. He never says ‘no’ and he never misses a deadline. If fact, he’s always early. Perhaps that’s why she asked for a supply of his business cards to hand out to her colleagues.

“PLC Print’s contributions to the growth of our business have been priceless. Their amazing work saved our big tradeshow debut as we emerged from stealth mode and has been invaluable in helping us raise capital and win enterprise clients. If you can think of it, they can do it – and they never say ‘no’. I tell everyone that Rajiv and his team are a gift.”



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