When PLC client IDG approached us about producing a full replica box for an upcoming Board meeting, they weren’t sure it wasn’t a pipe dream. In addition to the sheer size of the package design, the meeting was only two weeks away at the time!

PLC invites challenges and this one gave us another chance to demonstrate our unique ability to do what so few companies are capable of.

IDG’s vision was ambitious but that’s what successful product launches like they wanted to accomplish are made of. The design needed to include die cutting a full tray to hold the product, in addition to a striking package design printed both outside and inside the box.

Our creative team went right to work creating CAD samples of a fully functional product box for client review and collaboration. This resulted in three rounds of revisions and tweaks to achieve the final approval needed to produce the boxes.

Next was the task of producing 150 full size boxes which had a flat size of 44 x 46 inches. Our capacity for digital printing, large format printing, and digital die cutting solved the challenge of being able to pull this off. In fact, our equipment can handle sheet sizes up to 60 x 120 inches.

This gives the story a happy ending. IDG had an incredible Board meeting with all the enthusiasm a product launch should have. Their “pipe dream” was transformed into an exciting presentation of their new product debut.