The Company

Harvest is an upscale and rapidly growing marijuana dispensary with locations in San Francisco and Oakland. The company maintains a close watch on their brand for consistency, quality, presentation, and image.

The Problem

The increased demand and rapid growth was not the problem, Harvest faced another challenge. Their products had to be tested daily to update pertinent information on the packaging before it could be made available for sale. Making these labels on the fly and producing them for packaging proved difficult and problematic. Not having the labels meet their standard of excellence was unacceptable.

The Process

The process to solve this problem was not an easy one but given the fact that PLC calls themselves a group of problem solvers just meant we needed to get to work. It involved testing labeling materials in the company printers for compatibility, font matching the custom labels, creating label masters, and more. The process took more than a month to complete but having the solution be easy to use and effective was crucial.

The Solution

PLC created a web interface that can be used to accurately label one product or 10,000 right in the store, and maintains seamless integration with established labeling standards.

The Results

In just the first 6 months, Harvest generated over 100,000 unique labels for their products with the perfect accuracy needed and no problems or difficulties.