Trade Shows Require a Partner not a Supplier

For small businesses, trade shows are a lifeline to promote their brand and show case their product(s) in front of a targeted audience. However organizing a trade show can be a daunting task–its not just a bunch of roll-up banners and table tops anymore. In order to attract sales, companies need to promote themselves in a unique manner–one that separates them from the crowd. As an experienced trade show specialist, PLC helps small businesses thrive with innovative marketing and promotional products that identify a unique personality and garner solid results.

For Edgemakers, an innovative education company, trade shows provide a unique venue to present their portfolio of teachable solutions to a targeted audience. PLC has partnered with Edgemakers to provide a host of solutions to their trade show needs. Edgemaker relies on PLC to answer questions like, what do we need to promote in our trade show to where do we get it from? Do we have to go to 10 different suppliers to get what we want? How will we track all this? PLC’s record of delivering the right promotional product from a wide variety of choices eases much of the pre-show anxiety faced by the team at Edgemakers. Being a PLC client means, leaving all your trade show anxieties behind. Proud of being a one stop shop, PLC is your reliable partner from delivering pop-up booths, brochures, apparel, decals, give always, banners and everything else a small business might require to make the next trade show a resounding success.