Whether a start-up, an established business, or even a publicly held company, promotions always provide a means to engage in customer outreach. PLC works with businesses of all sizes to spread their brand message through promotions and here are three examples of companies that PLC has worked with recently to do just that.

Champlin Wireless, a small wireless communications company, were considering a promotional leave behind product with the key decision makers of organizations they work with and with PLC’s help they decided to go with stainless steel water tumblers. These stainless steel matte water tumblers were a great idea as they promoted a healthy image and they could be easily transported as a personal item. Moreover by imprinting the Champlin Wireless brand on the water tumbler, every use of the tumbler provided Champlin the opportunity to proliferate their brand presence.

Tea India, is a subsidiary of a large tea and spice company and a mainstay client of PLC. Tea India wanted to distribute a shopping bag as a promotional swag to their distributors but this would be no ordinary bag. The client wanted the products to be seen though the bag and also the bag to have such a flamboyant look that it would be easily recognized in the store as a uniquely branded item. Being a brand awareness facilitator PLC quickly produced sample bags with the requested printing techniques that were favored by Tea India. The end result was a beautiful frosted bag with three colors of metallic foil that outshined every product in the distributors stores and lauded as a huge success for our client.

PLC had the distinct pleasure of working with Adobe Connect, a group within the multi-national publicly held company, Adobe Systems. The Connect group were looking to hand out a unique item at their events overseas and in San Francisco. PLC, sought to present something that would advance the company’s image as a manufacturer of creative software for creative people. Ultimately, PLC sourced a sleek and modern personal umbrella with a large area for the imprinted Adobe logo. The umbrella turned out to be a great success–covering a utilitarian use with a strong brand presence.

Let PLC help your business (of any size), to retain customer loyalty and promote your brand through imprinted promotional objects. Call us for a free consultation.