Shimmick construction is one of the premier general engineering contractors in the Western United States. With high profile engineering and construction projects like the San Francisco Trans Bay Terminal and Dublin BART station they wanted to upgrade the look and feel of the corporate newsletter. Shimmick has been a loyal PLC client for many years, with PLC handling all the printing and distribution of marketing material. Traditionally Shimmick engaged an outside agency for all creative work however the uphill cost involved with procuring top-notch creative work was just not feasible anymore due to budgetary constraints.

Enter PLC’s design team to redesign the newsletter from top to bottom showcasing featured spreads of recent projects, distinct Safety programs section, and employee participation highlights and bios. The finished look was received as engaging, informative and a 100% improvement from the previous versions. The quarterly newsletter was then printed and mailed to employees, board of directors and prospective clients. An electronic version was also created for online distribution.

PLC’s goal as a Service provider has always been to assist the client with print and brand management tools. If you are looking to upgrade your branded marketing materials or need help with creative consulting please get in touch with the PLC team and find out what PLC can do for you.