EdgeMakers recently had an unsatisfactory experience printing their textbooks with a vendor who could not deliver on the print quality their customers have come to expect from them. Enter PLC, who were referred to EdgeMakers by a loyal client. To determine the highest standard of reproduction quality PLC started off by making real printed proofs with all the finishes, including lamination on the cover and exact binding needs. This “no surprise” process assured EdgeMakers from the get go, about the consistent print quality they would receive.

Next challenge was delivery, considering this product was a textbook for schools and the schools were already in session. The delivery schedule was already behind due to the poor quality printing by the previous vendor. Nonetheless, PLC put its muscle to work and completed the entire project in 5 working days, when the normal time for delivery of similar products is usually 2 weeks.

At PLC, we never back down from a challenge, and especially when our clients are relying on us to provide impeccable work. We are very happy to be a partner with EdgeMakers, and will continue to help them with quality, innovation and flexibility. PLC can do the same for you!