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PLC recently helped Chevron Federal Credit Union solve its business card production bottleneck. Chevron Federal Credit Union has been in business since 1935, operating in six states with 26 branches. Producing business cards for its diversified management team and staff was becoming a daunting process for the marketing department. Business Cards are one of the most simple, yet most needed materials for a business, and with hundreds of employees a business must have a system to produce and deliver them efficiently to the employees.

PLC designed new business cards for Chevron and created online business card templates that are available on the Chevron Web Portal hosted by PLC. This web based system allows the marketing department to input information for one particular card or many different cards, view them anytime and send them to the employees for proofing—all in one place! Furthermore the PLC system allows Chevron to also ship each card to a different address via UPS without ever leaving the desk.

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