When artist Lava Thomas approached PLC print to reprint her recent art exhibition program booklet, time was running out. A vendor had printed these booklets earlier in un-coated stock where the reproduction quality lacked in vibrancy and detail. Deemed unacceptable by Ms. Thomas and with the exhibition to open in Chicago in three days time, PLC undertook a truly challenging task of reprinting the booklets within the three-day time frame to the artist’s satisfaction.

PLC in conversation with Ms. Thomas noted all the key improvements she wanted done in the booklet. Knowing all the requirements helped PLC to optimize the HP Indigo Digital press for printing the job. Within a day of receiving the electronic files of the booklet, a printed proof was produced in the actual text and cover stock to guarantee the reproduction quality. Getting approval took no time and the final printed booklets were completed within 24 hours and shipped to her office, giving her plenty of time to take the booklets on board her flight to Chicago.

At PLC Print we offer quick and satisfactory solutions to sticky printing problems that affects our esteemed clients and we hope we can offer our expert solutions to you as well.