Today’s technology driven printing industry is dominated by push button calibrations and LCD screen displays, however once in a while we get to encounter a job where the true printers craft is realized.

Deepflight, a personal submarine manufacturer came to PLC for printing an exclusive tri-fold capacity folder that would house all marketing and sales material and showcase their unique business personality. Graphic designer Masud Husain went to work creating an array of unique shapes and style of folders to represent the clients unique business perspective.

The final design chosen by Deepflight involved four different finishing procedures: Custom die cutting, soft touch lamination, silver foil and clear foil stamping. The 23×25” parent sheet was printed with a double hit of black on one side and double hit of silver on the other. This ensured a rich and smooth color application on all areas of the large sheet. The black surface was then covered with the soft touch lamination to provide a unique texture and also to protect against any unwanted smudges or stains. The silvery interior bore a strong contrast to the black exterior evoking a sense of luxury and innovation.

PLC’s collaboration with graphic designer Masud Husain brought to the fore the subtleties of the printers craft, the technique and challenges that only PLC’s traditional printing experience could answer. The designer’s vision was complete—The perfect placement of the circular die cut window on the cover represented the portal through which Deepflight engaged in exploring the depths of our oceans and the silver foil stamp logo shone like a beacon to those brave explorers of the deep.

PLC welcomes projects that require special attention. We diligently strive to fulfill the designer’s vision as well as represent the supreme results of the printer’s craft.